28 January 2007

Profile of Amory Lovins

Last week's New Yorker featured an extensive and colorful story on Amory Lovins. Odd, but was I so self-absorbed in 1976 that I missed what she calls his rise then to "national attention?" Apparently he was one of the earliest to call for an end to U.S. dependency on fossil fuels -- but not only that. He was also to have said that it could be done for a profit.

The story is a mix of Lovins' sojourn among the powerful and prominent, most of whom seem to tolerate or to be amused by him. This seems not to bother him, as he, undaunted tries to get the likes of Warren Buffet to accept a gift of one of his 300-p tomes.

Ms. Kolbert doesn't feel it's necessary to rebut his arguments or to assess his place among other techno-conservationists, but it's a good read nonetheless.

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