15 February 2007


I admit I haven't studied the ingredients carefully. But you gotta love what the folks at Gardenburger Inc. have done with their "Riblets" line. Sure, it's vegetarian, sure it tastes great with a little BBQ sauce, but check out the packaging, too. "Vegetarians never worry about choking on bones." "100% Recyclable. Give this box a future. Printed with soy based inks." "Karma Points redeemable in this life and beyond." A quote from Albert Schweitzer. In short, everything but an endorsement from Fit Foodie.


mel said...

"Read this out loud. More vegetables. Whole grains.
Breathe deeper. Smile. Skip when
no one is looking. Help out
a stranger. I will live longer.
I will be happier. The world
needs people like me." from the Gardenburger Inc.
on cliking on the link in ur comment went to the site and entered the it and the saying or what every it is that i saw was the one listed above
(has it been proven by anyone that vegeterians live longer then those who have a mixture of meat and vegetables?)
from mel

Ann Latner said...

Hey - You neglected to mention that this was part of your vegetarian valentine's day meal. :)