18 February 2007

What would Brian Schweitzer say?

In October, NYT magazine published Mark Sundeen's article, on Brian Schweitzer, the current rancher-governor of Montana. I'd heard him interviewed on WBUR's "On Point" (is this still on the air in NY metro?), where he was articulate, informed and energetic.
  • at his core Brian Schweitzer is something of a policy wonk and a science whiz. He says he sleeps no more than five hours a night, and he is at his computer well before dawn, consuming a host of newspapers and a string of political blogs. His true passion is energy independence. On his desk is a contraption of tubes and coils that, as he enthusiastically explains, convert sunlight into hydrogen. In addition to his horsemanship and riflery, Schweitzer likes to tinker with gadgets, and he holds degrees in both soil science and agronomy. He will preach to anyone who will listen about the Fischer-Tropsch process of coal liquefaction, or about his recent switch from a Tahoe S.U.V. to a biodiesel Volkswagen Jetta."

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