27 June 2009

Hat Fashion Resurgence? Sunscreen Tips You Probably Ignore

A few excerpts from the NYT article "Melanoma of the Eye" highlight items generally dismissed by this blogger's immediate family (you know who you are):
  • Everyone, including children, should wear hats with wide brims. (Even wearing a hat, however, may not fully protect against skin cancers on the head and neck.)
  • Everyone over age 1 should wear sunglasses that block all UVA and UVB rays when in the sun.
  • Adults should wear sunscreen every day, even if going outdoors for only a short time.
  • Sunscreens may not protect against melanoma and basal cell cancers, though recent improvements in formulations may not be reflected in health findings
  • Claims for antioxidant protections in cosmetics should be questioned, as most do not contain enough vitamins C, E or selenium
  • Sunblock is often used incorrectly, applied too lightly and too localized, and is not replaced when it becomes ineffective

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