09 October 2009

Martin Seligman's Wiley-Blackwell writings free through 2009

Courtesy of the 2009 British Academy - Wiley/Blackwell Prize in Psychology, all of Martin's Seligman's Wiley publications can be downloaded free of charge through the end of 2009. The prize thus offers several benefits:
  • Seligman's academic work is made available outside certain subscription-only publications, exposing those writings to a new audience.
  • Psychology's academic publications receive somewhat weaker search engine spidering than other disciplines because there are fewer open or lay periodicals covering these topics. The availability of these papers and the keywords linked to them are a relatively new subweb of content.
  • Seligman's work addresses "happiness" in a pragmatic, empirical way that is welcome amid a pervasive fog of pseudo-psychology that dominates pop culture's take on the subject.

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